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Outage Report

This is a list of the most recent system outages and the reason for the outages.


Monday, February 16, 2015, approximately 400 customers lost power in the areas of 109 Bypass, S. Water Avenue and Peach Valley Road when a tree limb fell and burned down the primary. Those areas were off about 30 minutes. Another 50 customers in various locations through out the City were also off for approximately 30 minutes.

The storms last night, February 20, 2014, caused a few scattered outages. The major areas affected were the Steam Plant Rd., Hartsville Pk. and Airport Rd. Approximately 400 customers in these areas were without power from 8:25 P.M. until 9:15 P.M. A few other customers in the Branch Creek Rd., Long Hollow Pk. and Cottonwood Dr. areas were also without power for approximately 2 1/2 hours.

At approximately 5:40 P.M. Thursday, January 30, 2014, a lightning arrester failed causing an outage in the Lock 4 Road and Peach Valley Area. The power was restored by around 7:45 P.M.

Around 9:00 P.M. Monday, January 13, 2014, a vehicle hit a transformer at 879 Plantation Way, in the Last Plantation Subdivision. Approximately 100 customers were without power until about 1:00 A.M.


At approximately 11:10 A.M., November 18th a delivery truck at Roger's Market hit a pole which resulted in outages for Maple St., Hancock St., W. Main St. and Nashville Pike. All customers were back on by 11:40 A.M.

Around 9:25 P.M. Friday, October 4, 2013, a lightning arrestor failed at the East Substation causing an outage at R.R. Donnelley. Power was restored to R.R. Donnelley at approximately 10:40 P.M.

At approximately 12:55 P.M. on Thursday, August 22, GDE experienced an outage due to a broken crossarm on a pole along Highway 109S. The outage affected Elk Acres, Lenox Place, The Crossings and Highway 109S from Airport Road to Peach Valley Road. Power was restored to Elk Acres, Lenox Place and The Crossings at around 1:35 P.M. Power was restored to the remaining areas at approximately 2:05 P.M.

At approximately 7:35 PM Thursday, March 7, a car hit and broke a pole on Main St. across from Captain D's Restaurant, causing the power lines to fall and the downtown circuit to trip off. Approximately 1900 customers were without power until 8:15 PM when GDE line crews isolated the broken pole and restored power to this area. Nine customers, including El Rey's Restaurant, were without power until the pole and lines could be repaired. All power was restored by 2:15 AM Friday morning.

Around 3:30 A.M. Wednesday, January 30th an EF-0 tornado and high winds hit the area breaking trees and limbs, causing broken poles and downed power lines mostly on the south side of Gallatin. At the height of the storm, there were approximately 1,500 customers out with the majority being in the Browns Lane, Nicols Lane and Lock 4 Road area. Everyone was back on by 7:30 A.M. with the exception of about 15 -20 customers on Lock 4 Road and a few scattered outages around the City. All customers were back on by 6:00 P.M. Wednesday night.


At approximately 5:30 A M Thursday Dec 20, a truck slid off the rain slick road striking a pole on Airport Rd. Approximately 140 customers were without power while the pole was replace. Power was restored to all customers by approximately 10:15 A M.

At approximately 7:45 P.M. December 6, 2012, an insulator failed in the Woodsferry Rd./Nichols Ln. substation causing a large outage. About 9,700 customers were off until approximately 8:30 P.M. The outage extended from the west at Belvedere Dr. to the east at S. Westland Ave. and from the south at the 109 Bridge to the north city limits.

Approximately 10:30 P.M. Thursday, August 16, 2012, strong winds and lightning caused power outages in several areas. Areas affected were Bradford Dr., W. Gray St., Bell Rd., Hartsville Pk., Robbie Ln., Perry St., Mark Cir. and Rogers Rd. About 50 customers lost power. Power was restored to all customers by 2:00 A.M. Friday morning.

Lightning and storms caused outages on Saturday and Sunday August 4 & 5, 2012. On Saturday, at approximately 3:00 P.M. about 40 customers on Scott Dr., Rappahannock Rd. and Harris Ln. lost power. Everyone was back on by 5:00 P.M. On Sunday, around 11:30 A.M. approximately 90 customers on Redstone Dr., Robbie Ln., Bell Rd., Tyler Ct. and Morris Dr. lost power for approximately 2 hours.

At approximately 9:30 P.M. Thursday night, July 19, 2012 high winds and lightning hit the area causing scattered outages in the areas of Wild Cat Run, E. Broadway, N. Ann St., Belle Breeze, Timberwood Dr., Robbie Ln., Nichols Ln., St. Blaise Rd and Woodsferry Rd. As of 9:40 a.m. Friday morning all customers' power has been restored.

July 13, 2012, at approximately 12:00 P.M. a tree fell on Hume St. breaking a utility pole. About 1800 customers in the E. Main St., East Broadway and E. Boyers area lost power for approximately one hour.

Approximately 10,000 Gallatin Electric lost power due to high winds at about 2:30 Friday afternoon on July 6, 2012. Many trees were uprooted and limbs blown out of many others. 9500 customers were on in approximately 1 1/2 hours with the number off down to about 60 by midnight. The hardest hit areas were in the Park Avenue, Murray and Bently Street area as well as the Nashville Pike end of Lock 4 Rd. Power was restored to all customers unless they had damaged equipment on their homes by 7 A M Saturday morning.

High winds caused outages for approximately 2300 customers of Gallatin Electric on the night of May 31, 2012. Outages were mostly on the North and East sides of Gallatin. Most outages were less than 2 hours with all but 140 custmers back on by 10:15 P M.

The tornado actvity across the state caused minimual damage in Gallatin. Electric service was interrupted to 64 customers Friday afternoon March 2. Most customers were in the Jacobs Heights Subdivision off Nashville Pike and Odom Bend Rd of 109s. All reported outrages were restored within approximately 3 hours.


At approximately 9:00 p.m. Tuesday night, October 4, 2011, a vehicle hit a pole on Airport Rd. This interrupted power along Hartsville Pk, Steam Plant Rd and Airport Rd. Power was restored to the Steam Plant Rd area and the majority of Hartsville Pk by 9:30 p.m. The remainder of Hartsville Pk and Airport Rd was off until approximately 12:30 a.m. while the pole was being replaced.

A hit and run car accident broke two poles on Graystone Drive Wendesday morning around 8:45 A M. This interrupted power for approximately 800 customers for approximately 15 minutes. The area was isolated and power restored to all but the Grandview/Gibbs Lane area which had to have the poles replaced.

A lightning arrestor near the Airport failed burning the primary line down. Power to approximately 600 customers was interrupted for about 30 minutes. Chapel Hill Apartments, CIP industries and Serpro were off for about 20 minutes longer.

A lightning arrestor at the substation on Woods Ferry Rd failed during a torrential rain Saturday Aug 6 causing loss of power to approximately 10,000 Gallatin Electric customers and some CEMC customers. The problem was located, isolated and power restored after approximately an hour and ten minutes.

June 5 at 1 P M high winds, rain and lightning again hit the Gallatin area causing power outages. The largest number of customers off (800)were in the 31E area which was off for approximately 1 hour. Large trees on Morrison, Browns Lane, E Park, BellBreeze, Old Scottsville Pike, Lakeshore,Odoms Bend Rd, N View, Virgina, and North Street to name a few of the areas, caused more lengthy outages. Power to the remaining 150 customers was restored by approximately midnight.

Midnight May 25 brought another weather event that interrupted power for aprroxmately 300 Gallatin residents. Outages were again caused by high winds breaking limbs and trees which contacted power lines. All known outages were restored to normal by 7 A M on Thursday morning May 26.

4 A M Monday May 23 another high wind episode came through damaging many trees mostly in the Gibbs Lane area. Approxiamately 800 customers were without electricity for a little over two hours. There were numerous scattered outages until 7 A M.

At approximately 5 P M on Saturday, May21 another round of high winds, hard rain, lightning and hail hit Gallatin. This event interrupted power to about 1200 customers. The majority of these were in the Browns Lane, Bay Point, Plantation area. Power was restored to roughly 1100 customers in about an hour. The crews concentrated on areas where the most people could be gotten on the quickest. All power was restored by about midnight.

1:45 A M Wednesday Morning April 20 brought another round of wind, rain and this time much lightning. The combination cause a power outage in the Browns Lane/Last Plantation area for approximately an hour and 45 minutes until crews could restore power to the 1000 customers in that area. A few more scattered outages were reported near daylight with limbs on lines being the problem.

High winds and rain again hit our area on Friday April 15 causing uprooted and broken trees contacting the power lines. Approximately 2500 customers were off at the heighth of the outages. Power was restored to 2000 in about 20 minutes and most everyone else was on in an one and a half hours. Scattered reports continued to come in into the late evening.

Extremely high winds and driving rain resulted in loss of power to approximately 5000 electric customers Monday afternoon on April 4, 2011. Trees uprooting and falling into the power lines were the main cause of interuptions. All but approximately 400 were on by Midnight. Those remaining four hundred took the remainder of the night and the next two days and nights, Tuesday and Wednesday, to get power back to those customers. Six poles were broken and most all were in the worst possible locations for replacement. Two crews from Murfreesboro Electric Department came to our aid which really shortened the outage time for the remaining customers.


11:45 Wednesday November 24, a Hawk flew onto a substation breaker at the City Substation on Jones Street. The Hawk caused approximately $10,000 of damage in the substation and knocked the power out for approximately 12 minutes until GDE crews could respond and restore power.

A Tuesday Morning, Nov 16, at approximately 8:45 a truck hung a guy wire near Byron's BBQ causing the high voltages lines to wrap together thus causing a substation breaker to cut off. Roughly 1800 customers were without power for about 20 minutes while Electric Dept crews found the problem and made the repairs.

A lightning and wind storm moved through Gallatin at approximately 1 P. M. Thursday August 5. Scattered outages resulted in roughly 50 customers being without electricity for up to an hour and a half.

The evening of July 26 brought lightning and wind which caused power interruptions for approximately 108 Gallatin Eletric customers. The outages were scattered with the most being in the Grand View Estates area. Two and one half hours was the longest outage time for any of the customers.

Straight line winds broke the top out of a tree causing a power outage for approximately 500 customers on the North side of Gallatin Sunday night July 12.


Storms that moved through the area Monday night 6/22/09, caused numerous outages. Approximately 2700 customers were without power immediately after the storm. Areas involved were: Red River Road, West Eastland, Blythe Street, North Water Avenue, North Boyers, Virginia, Joann Street, East Main, South Westland, Colesferry Road, Woodvale Drive, Katherine and Stanley Drive. Power was restored to the majority of customers by 11:00 p.m. Power was restored to the other customers by 3:00 a.m.

High winds cause scattered outages around the noon hour on Wednesday February 11. The largest outage was caused by a tree limb shorting the lines behind the Hospital which cause the circuit feeding the Hospital and the Hartsville Pike area to be out of service for approximately 15 minutes. The wind picked back up around 3:30 P M causing another round of scattered outages. All power was restored by 5:30 P M.

A dump truck with its bed raised hung the telephone cable and broke a pole in the Eagle Creek Subdivision off Red River Rd at 4:45 P M Thursday evening Jan 15, 2009. Th entire subdivision was with out power until approximately 8:30 P M until temporary repairs could be made to the broken pole.

At approximately 3:30 P M Wednesday, Jan 7, a tractor trailer truck hung some low Cable T V wires on E Main Street causing the electric wires to slap together and burn down. This caused an outage for a large area on the North Side of Gallatin. The problem was isolated and power restored to most of the area by about 4:15. The wires were repaired and power to the remaing customers restore by approximately 4:45 P M..

Thursday morning, January 1, 2009, a tractor trailor truck broke two poles on 109 Bypass near Hancock St. Crews isolated the broken pole and restored power at approximately 11:30 A M.


Thursday, Oct 16 at approximately 6:40 A M, a transformer off Northview Dr. failed causing an outage for several customers in the Northeast part of our service area. The problem was found and service restored by approxiamtely 7:10 A M.

A lighting arrestor malfunction on Peach Valley Road causing an outage of approxiamately 1 1/2 hours in the Lock 4/Peach Valley Road area around 11:30 P M on 10/1/08.

An afternoon rain and wind storm caused scattered outages on Wednesday July 30. Approximately 60 customers experienced lose of power with forty of those living on Aqua Drive. Some areas of the system experience high winds and up to 1 1/2 inches of rain while other areas remained calm and received no rain.

All power was restored by approximately 6:45 P M.A TVA wire on a switch open circuit around 9 AM Tuesday (7/2/08) causing partial power and then a complete outage to the Gallatin Electric West Substation. The station was deenergized, TVA supplied power from a different source and the power to the Substation was restored. Approximately 1000 customers were affected for approximately 45 minutes.

Early Sunday morning (June 29) a squirrel caused an outage for approximately 600 customers in the Coles Ferry Rd/Woodvale area. Most of the time a squirrel or bird will only cause a momentary blink of the power, but this squirrel remained in contact with the power line and ground resulting in the back up isolating device cutting power to the area until the squirrel could be found and removed.

Friday morning (March7) a tree top blew out and landed on the electric lines on Big Station Creek Road. This caused an outage to Big Station Creek Rd and the western end of Nashville Pike for approximately one hour.

Monday night (January 7) about 6:15 P. M. a pole was broken into on Douglas Bend Road by a car accident. The electrical outage was confined to the area around Foxland Market. The pole was replaced and power restored around Midnight. The previous Saturday morning around 1:30 A. M., a hit and run driver broke a pole on Morrison St. near the VFW hall. Power outages was limited to the immidiate area. That pole was replace and power restore by approximately 7 A. M..


Monday, December 10 at 4:05 P M: A traffic accident on Nashville Pike in the 2000 block broke a pole and caused the power to be off for approximately 800 customers for about 40 minutes. Gallatin Electric crews isolated the area and replaced the broken pole. The remaining customers, mostly Stone Ridge Apts, were off an additional 6 hours.

Lightning burned down two primary wires near Station Camp Creek High School Wednesday, 11/14/07, afternoon causing approximately 800 customers to be without power for about 30 minutes. The problem was isolated and the school regained power in an additional hour. There were also scattered outages caused by the lightning and high winds.

During the rain and wind on Oct 22 around 7:15 P. M., a wire burned down on Locust Street causing 700 customers to be without electricity for approximately one hour. Crews isolated the area and made the repair.

High winds caused scattered outages in the early morning hours of Oct 19th. Approx 25 customers were without power from 1 to 4 hours until crews could locate and repair the damage caused by the winds.

Tuesday Morning, Oct 9, at 3:20 A M, a raccoon climbed onto a 12,000 volt breaker in the Woodsferry Rd Substation. The short circuit he caused resulted in an outage of approximately 40 minutes for around 8000 customers of Gallatin Department of Electricity and some customers of Cumberland Electric Membership Corp.

Saturday, Aug25, around 1:30 P M one of the underground cables in the Last Plantation was dug into causing outages in the area until Gallatin Crews isolated the damaged cable and restored power. At approximately the same time, a truck hung cables beside the Hospital and broke the pole between the hospital and the Executive House Apts. That caused an outage to the Hartsville Pike area until the broken pole and attached wires could be cleared and power restored to all of the area. The Hospital remained off while crews replaced the pole and restrung the wires.

Friday night, Aug 24, at 9 P M high winds and lightning came through parts of Gallatin. A 70 foot pole carring a 69000 volt line was broken either by the winds or a police report said it was hit by lightning. That section of line was isolated by Gallatin Electric Crews and power restored in approimately 1 hour.

At approximately 7 P M on Wednesday, Aug 8, the TVA metering equipment in the Substation on Woods Ferry Rd failed. This caused an outage for approx 8000 customers of Gallatin Dept of Electricity as well as several customers of CEMC. About 7000 of Gallatins customers were off for about 1 hour with the remainder back on in an additional 45 minutes. We isolated TVA's damaged equipment, then made the repairs. The failure was not directly related to the extreme heat we are currently experiencing. The equipment that failed does no carry or supply the electrical load, only measures useage A 10 minute outage occurred this Morning, June 25, in the Woodvale/Coles Ferry Rd areas when a squirrel shorted an electronic recloser that protects that area..

Approximately 3:30 Sunday June 24, high winds downed a tree on Lock 4 road causing an electical outage for 150 customers. The electical short caused failure of some electrical connections requiring rerouting the normal feed to the area. There was a 5 minute interruption of power in the 109S area in order to make that change.

At approximately 8:30 A M, Sunday morning, May 11, a squirrel got atop an electronic device on 31E and cause an outage for approximately one hour for 850 customers.

Friday, March 2, a house cat climbed into the substaion structure off Jones Street. The cat shorted the primary buss work which caused failure of several insulators. The outage lasted approximately 2 hours while crews found the problem and made the repairs. Approximately 9000 customers were without electric service during this outage.

A private tree trimmer cut a tree down into the power lines near the Water Plant on 109s Thursday afternnoon Feburary 15. Power was lost to the south end of Gallatin for approximately 20 minutes until our crews could check the damage and restore power.

Approximately 1 A M Friday morning, January 26, a pickup truck hit a pole at Drivers Lane and Woodvale Drive. The accident broke the pole off at the top of the ground. Most power was restored in approximately 35 minutes. Crews worked throughout the night to replace the pole. Homes near the accident were without power until a little after 8 A M.