Transfer of Service

  • **To transfer service, you must already have an active account in your name with Gallatin Department of Electricity. If you do not, please complete the Residential Application Form. Any past due payments will need to be paid before transferring. Any changes to the account name (marriage, divorce, death of an account holder, separation of an account holder, etc.) would need to be completed before transferring service.

  • (if both services are needed for longer than 2 weeks, another deposit and additional paperwork may be required)
    (if bank draft has changed, please update a new bank draft form)
  • I/We are requesting electric service at the above address or any other location or premises occupied or designated, and as a condition of Gallatin Department of Electricity, hereafter referred to as GDE, providing the service, I/We understand the following: It shall be unlawful (1) to obtain or attempt to obtain, by use of any fraudulent means or methods, electric service with intent to avoid payment for the same; (2) to cause another to avoid such payment; or (3) to assist another in avoiding such payment through the making of multiple applications for service at one address, or otherwise.

    It is understood that this application or agreement is subject to the Standard Rules and Regulations of GDE on file for inspection at the office of GDE and said Rules and Regulations are hereby made part of this agreement. I/We agree to be responsible for all current consumed at above address or any other location or premises occupied or designated, according to the rate applicable.

    By signing below, I/We understand that if the account is not paid in full after termination of electrical service at the above address, or any subsequent location to which service is transferred or established, I/We are responsible for all fees, including collection fees (an additional 35%) and/or reasonable attorney fees, incurred for the collection of any unpaid bills. Also I/We agree for GDE to perform a credit check on credit performance through a reputable credit reporting agency to determine the applicable security deposit for the service address listed above.

  • Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 24 MB.
    • *Both applicant and spouse or co-Applicant are responsible for all charges as they relate to this electric service account